Smart Devices available for Whitelabel

Build customized Smart Home solutions, bundling different Smart Home devices that are certified, validated and well-tested with COCO software.

Interoperates with 2000+ Smart Devices




Samsung Smart Things

Phillips Hue

Ready-to-go Smart Home Bundles

Or choose from our wide selection of devices and create your own bundle.

Connect with COCO

Connect every thing – your way

  • Interoperate Zigbee, Z-wave, WiFi and LTE devices

  • Single Unified App

  • Connect your Car with the Connected Home

  • P2P core for Privacy and Security

Comfort with COCO

DIY Intelligent Security

  • Visual Intelligence to identify new faces
  • No Cloud mode for LAN-only operations
  • P2P core for Low Latency
  • IoT gateway with Battery and 3G backup

Conserve with COCO

Intelligent Energy Management

  • Zigbee Smart Energy Compliant

  • Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

  • Personalized Conservation Recommendations by AI based Energy Assistant

  • Real-time Dashboard with Smart Zones Management

Convenience with COCO

Smart Safety Solutions

  • Fire, Water leaks and Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) detection
  • Front door visitor management
  • Local and remote push notifications
  • P2P core for Low Latency

Supported by COCO Software

Bring your own hardware and use the COCO software

Choose hardware from our catalog and bundle it with our COCO software.

Modular Packaging Solutions

Bundle what you need

Get started with an interoperable evaluation kit that could be integrated with other existing smart devices such as lights, television, doorbell, cameras, and so on.

For North America

For Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and Asia Pacific

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