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Empowering data owners to build and use Decentralized Communication Networks that are immune to data breaches and identity thefts by eliminating any central point of failure.

Encrypted & Secure

Mesh topology

Mesh Topology

No Middlemen

Cloudless Architecture

The World’s Centralized Story until now…

  • Centralized servers on-the-cloud that store, retrieve, and share data are managed by third-party service providers.
  • Inspite of their best intentions of securing their servers and databases, service providers are subject to data breaches that are an inherent part of software engineering.
  • Internet users lose control of one’s own private data and information that was stolen during the data breach is sold off on data exchanges for advertising.

Unsecured Social Media Conversations

Data leaks including PII

Central Owners of 3rd Party Servers

No Data Privacy

Internet Outages

How can Decentralization help?

Decentralized communication networks bring more promise to Data Privacy than the existing centralized cloud technologies.

Proactive Approach

Data Ownership

With the advent of IoT, the data that is being collected is more personal than ever before. It could be your heart rate, about when you sleep or who you sleep with. By separating out data storage from software services, decentralized networks continue to provide the freedoms of data exchange on the internet, while maintaining the anonymity of the network owner. This ensures. ownership to the users participating in the network, giving them more control, privacy, and independence. This design proactively prevents data breaches, loss and mishaps as prescribed by international legislations such as GDPR, CCPA, Data Protection Act, other rules, and regulations.

No Central Point of Failure

Mesh Topology

Using a Mesh Topology architecture inherently implies that there are no central points of failure. Essentially there is no central server storing all the data generated in the network, making it near impossible for data breaches and data theft attempts. It is resilient to disruptions like public internet outages and node malfunctions, as it inherently provides more than one pathway for the data to be transferred from the sender to the receiver.

Forget MITM

Encrypted & Secure

COCO’s decentralized communication platform is designed-for-privacy and uses well established security standards for encryption and data transfer. All data transfer operations are encrypted with a unique encrypted key generated during the connection between the two nodes. Decentralized networks can also bypass the hierarchies to reduce delay in transmission. The COCONet enables security via the use of ECDH for key exchange, ECDSA for message signing, and ChaChaPoly-1305 for the encryption algorithm. This eliminates MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks, and empowering the data owners to control their network.

Personal Identity Uncompromised

Anonymous exchange of data

COCO’s decentralized network separates data storage from software services and lets the network owner choose the applications and devices with which they intend to share data. Though the apps and devices themselves could aggregate the owner’s data from within the network to central servers controlled by them, the identity of the data owner is never shared with the service apps and devices. This ananomizes all data exchanges between the services and protects the privacy of the data owner.

Private-by-Design COCO Products

We provide these references for App Developers and OEMs to Get Started with COCO

COCO Lighting App

COCO Chat App

Home Automation Kit



With COCO, the owners of the network control the data generated in the network

Developers and OEMs

Developers and OEMs can not only create Apps and Devices installed in networks that are owned by users, but can also create Apps and Devices in networks that are owned by the Developer and OEM themselves. In this latter case, the data generated within the network is completely owned by them and can be used for aggregation. The users can transparently choose to give away their data in exchange for the services that you provide.

Apart from privacy, decentralized apps and devices can take advantages of edge computing, enable cost savings from cloud bandwidth reduction, low latency, real-time communication, remote and offline connectivity for the users, and reduced risk of data breaches,

The COCO platform provisions for SDKs and ready-made software libraries that reduce development cycles and costs.


With user-owned mesh networks, the users control their data access with complete transparency.
Further the data that is shared with Apps and Devices installed in the user network is completely anonymize to reduce the risk of privacy breaches during data exchanges over the internet.

Since the personally identifiable information cannot be revealed within a COCONet any data mishaps by the device manufacturer or the application provider does not affect the data owner.


By decoupling the data content from the application itself, Enterprises can now avoid vendor lock-in.

Further they can be ensured of their IP is not being lost by breaches on 3rd party servers. For collaboration apps that are built using decentralization, complete secrecy in communications maintained.

Enterprises can also enable Office Automation and offer other IoT benefits to their employees without compromising their privacy on 3rd party services.

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