On a mission to build a connected world where apps, devices, and people can network and talk to each other.

Your data is your business and you own it.

Elear Solutions is one of the top ten finalists announced by Qualcomm for the ‘Design for India’ challenge 2019.

It was just a hobby...

The COCO Story from the founders.

It all started when Ashish and Divya began their home remodeling project. Ashish decided that he needed a technology hobby outside of work, and began tinkering with the idea of a smart home. He bought various smart home products from around the world and found that while the individual gadgets worked great, they lacked interoperability. So the more he installed, the worse his smart home experience got. All he wanted was a home that provided him with unified “Connected Experiences”, rather than a myriad of isolated connected gadgets.

Moreover, Ashish and Divya were very uncomfortable that their house was filled with gadgets that were always streaming data from their house to unknown servers. The devices never sought any permissions, and given that the devices were headless, it wasn’t ever clear what kind of data was being collected and when. They realized that with the proliferation of IoT and Smart Homes, the demand for data privacy was on the rise. With research forecasting that 41.6 billion IoT devices will be generating 79.4 zettabytes of data in 2025*, this problem is no longer just about the home. Relying on legislative efforts like GDPR may not be enough, there had to be a better way, perhaps a technology solution!

Seeing this opportunity Manav, Johnny and Ashish teamed up to create COCO. They identified the main enemy of privacy being the centralized client-server architecture. This led them to create a secure P2P middleware that separates the data plane from the business logic and connects apps and devices into a mesh overlay network. They added a common language of communication on top of this middleware to allow for apps and devices to interoperate easily.

Using this decentralized communication network, data is owned by the users and nodes become the point of data generation and transfer. The network is open to only those that you choose to invite. This means that you are empowered with transparency and control over your private data, and any data shared with 3rd parties is anonymized.

Over time, what started as a hobby translated into a larger mission to build a connected world where apps, devices, and people can network and talk to each other without compromising anyone’s data privacy. For the developer community, we went ahead and created a home automation kit that is private-by-design, and is the first product to be “Buzzed on COCO”.

This hobby kit includes a gateway, sensors, and alarms that could be used by developer hobbyists and entrepreneurs. It is designed for deployment across any facility — homes, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, and so on.

Using the COCO platform, our developers went on to buzz a network management application, a chat app, and a lighting app which are now available for download on the COCO Grove.

Now, our goal is to bring together a community of like minded developers that wish to contribute to the mission of building a world of privacy enabled ‘connected experiences’ using the COCO platform. We invite every person who has a passion for connectivity, to come and try out COCO, and together let’s realize the vision of a world where ‘Every Thing’ is connected.

How can you contribute?

Introducing people behind COCO

The COCO Team

Ashish Bajaj

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Hi, I am Ashish. I left my career at Qualcomm to create Elear Solutions, with a vision to build a world-class consumer electronics company focussing on connectivity and communication in the smart home space.Read further

Johnny John

Chief Product Officer, Co-founder

Hi, I am Johnny.
I am passionate about building teams from scratch, bringing diverse teams together to accomplish common goals. Across various stints in the past I have enjoyed being involved with establishing projects and focus groups in entirety from inception.Read further

Manav Mehta

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Hi, I am Manav. My passion to build software, the joy of writing code drives me to engage in both the functional and technical design of complex software systems. This brought me to lead the technology at Elear Solutions.Read further


Divya Reddy

Brand and Strategic Advisor

Hi, I am Divya. Some of the areas that have excited me have been business strategy & process, people management, and information management. Supporting Elear Solutions to create a brand like COCO has been all about communicating the possibilities of creating ‘connectedRead further

You could do more for the cause!


Spread the news about how data privacy can be enabled with P2P decentralized communication networks. It is time you move away from the cloud when its not really needed.


Join a team of down to earth innovators and tinkerers. Find career opportunities at COCO to become a part of this mission.

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