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AI-based Energy Optimizer

Launch a Standalone Grove App.

An energy distribution company has already installed energy meters in 3 million homes. Their energy meters are Buzzed on COCO. Create an AI-based energy recommendation system that can be personalized to every single home. The SDK is designed for interoperability. It allows device to device communication among Zigbee, Zwave, wireless, and BLE devices.

Conversational Experiences using Voice Assistants

Launch a Cloud-to-cloud App.

A large telecom player has the country wide distribution for Google Homes. They want their Digital Living platform to integrate Homes with Electric Vehicles. That is their differentiator. They require many conversational experiences that will enhance their consumer's experience. Being a rock star ML/AI engineer, you know exactly how to add this conversational service layer on top of the Voice Assistant. Using our SDK, your spanking new service is able to communicate with all the devices within the Digital Living ecosystem.

Computer Vision App

Launch a SPA App.

A large player in Home Security needs an add-on service that can differentiate his offering. Using Computer Vision with DNNs, your app is trained to recognize the people at home, and alert the home owners each time a new and unrecognised face is seen by the camera. Using our patent-pending P2P streaming SDKs, you focus on the Deep Learning and leave the rest to us.

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