Edge AI-enabled Smart Home Platform
for Service Providers.

COCO is a fully managed platform that enables telco, energy, internet and other service providers to introduce their own Smart Home Service for subscribers

Your Smart Home Opportunity

The $100 Bn Smart Home Opportunity

An increasing number of consumers are already excited about connected homes and familiar with AI assistants. These Smart Home consumers are looking for a single, unified platform that can connect homes and deliver smart home solutions .

Add Revenue Streams

Launch monthly subscription plans offering smart home solutions packaged for varied home automation needs such as home security, video streaming, energy conservation, safety and care.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Increase consumer stickiness. Promote hardware extensions and app integrations with your core smart home service offering, building solutions that are inseparable from your consumers everyday living.

Build Market Intelligence

Personalize customer engagement and experience. Using AI-enabled apps and network management system understand and gain insights into consumer behavior and lifestyle preferences.

End-to-end Smart Home Solution available for whitelabeling.

Your One-stop Smart Home Service Partner

A Winning Proposition for you.

  • Top ten finalists of the 'Qualcomm Design for India' Challenge 2019
  • Proudly incubating at EvoNexus, San Diego

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